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Untouched Adventures

Our aim is to build a world-class adventure company. Our purpose is to use the business to see lives change. We are hungry to grow and look for opportunities to continuously improve in what we do.

How we give back

Not only through our daily operations, but also by the way we contribute to our community, we like to offer people access to previously impossible adventures!

Our passion lies in education and giving others the experience and qualification they need to develop into all that they were supposed to be.

In line with this, we support a variety of projects each month: schools, sports clubs, clinics, churches, SMMEs and events.

The Adventure Team

Untouched Adventures is growing each year at a truly adventurous pace. In business too, we are regularly touching new territory and enjoying the thrill that comes with it.

Our main priorities have always been our customers and our team. We believe that valuing these two entities is the synergist behind our growth. As the company is advancing, we are focusing increasingly on our team members. Investments are made to qualify, develop and give each one of them the opportunity to grow to their full potential. Our goal is to build one of the top teams in the Garden Route tourism industry.

We continue to learn and develop in order to make our adventures even greater for both our customers and our team.

Pioneering is a pivotal part of our policy.