Tsitiskamma Adventures
Tsitsikamma Adventures

We’ll help you run your tight ship by equipping your crew at Storms River, Tsitsikamma on the Garden Route

Untouched Adventures’ activities at Storms River are perfect for your next workplace team builder. Delve into the untouched potential of your staff as you have them discover more about themselves and each other through adventure and fun teamwork activities. A team day on the Garden Route may just be the route to establishing your workplace Eden.

The outcome for all team building activities should be to increase the effectiveness of individuals as team players and to improve the functioning of the team as a whole.

The purpose of corporate team building is thus to:

  • create camaraderie and loyalty among members
  • emphasise the importance of a team
  • increase the cohesion of the group
  • improve communication
  • enhance leadership skills

We achieve the team building outcomes through group adventure activities where team members must communicate effectively, encourage one another and work together to achieve a common goal. The key to our team building is to offer a platform for co-workers to do something outrageous and adventurous together, sharing laughs and making mutual memories.

Not only do we organise and run our own team building program, we also work with existing team building companies to provide them with activities for the communication of activity-based principles in their own program. Thus, whether you are a company looking for a corporate team building activity program or a team building company looking for an activity in your program – feel free to contact us for more information!