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Untouched Adventures

Our aim is to build a world-class adventure company. Our purpose is to use the business to see lives change. We are hungry to grow and look for opportunities to continuously improve in what we do.

Operations Manager

Zibonele Mdletshe is the captain of our ship. He started working at Untouched Adventures 6 years ago. He started off as a Diving guide, but he committed himself to grow and develop his leadership skills and in return, UA invested in his training to qualify him to take the lead. He worked himself up through the ranks to where he is today the Operations Manager at UA.

He is one of the nicest, kindest people you can meet with a heart to help others and always ready to assist and mentor those around him. Other than his day-to-day duties he is also currently busy with the process of establishing the NSRI base in Storms River Mouth and he spends a lot of his time mentoring and training the new river guides.

The Adventure Team

Our team is made up out of locals who grew up in the nearby community. We are more than just a team but rather a family that has been working side by side for many years.

Our main priorities have always been our customers and our team. We believe that valuing these two entities is the synergist behind our growth. Large financial investments are made each year to qualify, develop and give each one of them the opportunity to grow to their full potential. Our goal is to build one of the top teams in the Garden Route adventure tourism industry. To date we have also financed the training and qualification of more than 70 locals in first aid and kayaking.

We continue to learn and develop to make our adventures even greater for both our customers and our team.

UA team photo

Changing Lives

Together, we are dedicated to crafting a more splendid nation and nurturing a community close to our hearts. Our endeavours span a diverse range of projects, and we proudly collaborate with the BeKind initiative, a platform we believe holds the power to bring about meaningful change.


We trust that we inspire you to join us in building a better future for our people. Please consider partnering with us by adding a donation fee on your booking which can go to any of the following projects of your choice:


We love the elderly in our community. It is one of our highest priorities to look after those that are no longer able to provide for their households. Every month the team purchases essential products needed in a household which are delivered to the homes of the elderly.

Currently, we have 10 elderly people that we provide monthly support to and would love to grow the numbers that we are able to look after and appreciate your support in helping us do this.

Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic

We love and appreciate our mothers. In Jeffreys Bay, there is a fantastic clinic with hard-working nurses looking after and educating the mothers and babies in our area.

This video features the amazing work that is being done for the community. We support the Healthy Mom and Baby Clinic with a monthly financial donation.

Mdumbi Kayaks and Coffee Bay Adventures

We first met the ambitious Notshana as a young man still in school more than 15 years ago. Over the years we have kept in touch, and it has been a fantastic journey to see him start his own Kayak business in the rural Transkei, kayaking on the beautiful Mdumbi river. We are committed to helping and assisting him where we can to see his business grow.

Recently we have also started assisting his cousin Mzo who started a similar business in Coffee bay, kayaking on the Mtata river.

Currently, we assist them with business mentoring, equipment, and guide training. We call on you to partner with us so that we can see these young men grow their businesses in the Transkei.


Our location is located within the popular Storms River Mouth which is widely visited by local and international travellers. We initiated a project to build a National Sea Rescue Team that is made up of our UA guides and SANParks rangers who volunteer their own personal time to train and equip themselves to assist people who find themselves in emergency situations in our area.

The local team is part of NSRI station 36, based in Oyster Bay. The NSRI is made up of volunteers and requires private funding to establish a rescue team that is equipped and trained to assist in emergencies.

Local Rugby Teams

Sport is an important part of our local community that brings people together and encourages a healthy lifestyle. We support the local rugby team in equipment and clothing.

Partner with us

Add R50 or more to your UA booking to go towards assisting any of the above projects of your choice.

We thank you for partnering with us to make a difference in our community!