Tsitiskamma Adventures
Tsitsikamma Adventures

Kayak and lilo up the Storms River Gorge in Tsitsikamma

2 to 3 hour adventure activity

This two to three-hour kayak and lilo adventure on the Storms River gorge in Tsitsikamma is our most popular activity for good reasons. You’ll get to explore deeper into the hidden world of the Storms River gorge than most people ever do and experience the long, bottomless pools, deep caves and ancient forests with nothing but the quiet noises of nature around you.

Here’s how this adventure tale plays out:

The Most Beautiful Adventure in South AfricaEveryone can enjoy the most beautiful adventure in South Africa.

Posted by Untouched Adventures on Thursday, 19 October 2017

1. Kayak across the ocean & under the Storms River suspension bridge

We paddle from the harbour (next to the beach) across the ocean, passing underneath the suspension bridge (because, hang in there – this is where the suspense begins…) and from there up the beautiful Storms River gorge.

2. Forest hike to the suspension bridge

If sea conditions do not allow for ocean paddling, it won’t rock our boat – we simply adapt the adventure. In such cases, we take a short guided hike through the captivating Tsitsikamma forest and over the famous suspension bridge and start our kayaking trip from inside the calm river mouth.

3. Paddle up the Storms River Mouth

After waving to all the wobbly-legged and somewhat jealous tourists photographing you from the suspension bridge, we continue the kayaking voyage up the river. And this is where the true adventure starts – paddling up the glorious Storms River, the ultimate treasure of Tsitsikamma National Park where you are about to go treasure hunting! We continue right into the bats’ cave and spend time gazing up in awe at the spectacular cliffs all around us – all from the comfort of our double sit-on-top kayaks.

4. Lilo deeper up the Storms River Gorge

At the low-water point, we say goodbye to our kayaks and hello to our floater friends – the lilos. (A short information break for those who do not know: A lilo is a small inflatable boat and our unique ones are specially designed for this trip to access the narrow parts of the gorge). From here on we walk over a short section of rocks and then simply float deeper up the river on the lilos, weightlessly relishing in the serenity of this paradise and feeling insignificantly small as we ogle up at the sky-scraping cliffs surrounding us.

Upon reaching our destination, we make a U-turn and float back down the river to our kayaks, glad that the exceptional experience is far from over.

5. Cliff jumping

After all the tranquillity of floating, we have to keep the balance and add a healthy dose of adrenaline! On the trip back, you will be given the exhilarating opportunity to leap off the overhanging cliff walls of the gorge into deep pools. This offers not only a good test of your bravery but also some good occasions for laughter (or nervous giggling), friendly encouragement (or daring) and one-of-a-kind photo opportunities (because you will need to brag to your buddies at home!). Although cliff jumping is not compulsory – you can simply enjoy the spectacle as you leisurely float on the long pools below – we do recommend not missing out on the thrill!

We’ve had kids as young as 5 and grandparents as old as, well… grandparents take the leap and enjoy the time spent on the water, so this is family-friendly fun that truly floats everyone’s boat.

As you can probably comprehend – this unique Storms River adventure is our most popular and best-recommended trip by local and international tourists. Be sure not to miss the boat!

Cost and inclusions

2-3 hoursR600 pp
Aqua Booties to Hire (optional)R40 pp
Wetsuits to Hire (optional and not necessary during the summer months)R90 pp
ActivityDuration (mins)
Ocean kayaking / Forest walk20-30
River kayaking30
Cliff Jumping, swimming and in-between times of relaxing, enjoying the beautiful views and beaming with excitement about this amazing adventure 20

If the ocean is unsafe due to weather conditions or any other reason not suitable to kayak over, we change our kayak & lilo trip to one of our other exciting trips: the hike, kayak & lilo adventure.

The hike, kayak and lilo Adventure utilises the Suspension Bridge Hiking Trail, and provides an educational hike with one of our informative guides to the Suspension Bridge, followed by the kayak and lilo up the Storms River Mouth.

ActivityDuration (mins)
Hiking through the forest+/-40
River kayaking30-40
Cliff Jumping, swimming and some time in between of just relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view+/- 20

Important to note

  1. Please bring warm clothes and enclosed shoes that can get wet or be prepared to hire booties (water shoes) and wetsuits, available in all sizes, at the shop.
  2. As we are located inside the National Park, you will have to show your WILD card or pay the National Park’s conservation fee upon entering at the gate.
  3. If you are requiring times or group sizes other than those shown on our website, we will as always try our best to accommodate you – please contact our shop on +2773 1300 689 / +27 76 959 2817 during business hours. Please allow for at least one hour’s wait at the Tsitsikamma National Park entrance gate during peak season as the processing time for entry into the park can be slow during summertime.